ADA Nature Aquarium

Fish Food AP-2 15g

Fish Food AP Series

Aqua Soil - Amazonia (3L)

Aqua Soil Series

Power Sand Special-S (2L)

Power Sand Series

La Plata Sand 8kg

Layout Sand Series

Green Brighty STEP-2 250ml

STEP 2 contains more iron ingredient, vital for the plant growth period. It is recommended for the period from the 3rd month to 1 year after the set-up.

Green Brighty STEP-3 500ml

STEP 3 contains trace elements with iron and potassium, which helps the root growth. We recommend STEP 3 for the layout of 1 year or older.

Riccia Line 50m

Layout Goods

AQUASKY 601 (Single light type)

Lighting System for Small Size Tank

Fish Food AP-2 70g

Fish Food AP Series

Fish Food AP-3 70g

Fish Food AP Series