ADA Nature Aquarium

Power Sand-S (2L)

Power Sand Series

Aqua Soil - Amazonia (3L)

Aqua Soil Series

Green Brighty STEP-3 500ml

STEP 3 contains trace elements with iron and potassium, which helps the root growth. We recommend STEP 3 for the layout of 1 year or older.

La Plata Sand 2kg

Layout Sand Series

PS-N Joint Stick Metal (3pcs)

Multiple CO2 Line Branch

Drop Checker

A glass-made instrument created specifically for examining the CO2 level of aquarium with simple procedure. Add some pH reagent and aquarium water to Drop Checker. Then, set it inside the tank.

10,000K-150W (for Marine)

Replacement Metal Halide Lamp

AP-Glass Feeder

AP Glass is a perfect glass feeder for ADA's Fish Food AP line-ups. Its softly curved glass surface fits your hand securely, and it will bring you a joy of feeding. AP Glass makes it possible to feed your fish right amount of food without a direct contact