ADA Do! Aqua

be clear 200ml

The nutritive salt such as phosphates in the aquarium accelerates the growth of spirogyra or green algae.Tiny particles included in be Clear absorb nutritive salts and control algae growth.

be fine 200ml

Tap water contains harmful residual chlorine and heavy metal. be Fine detoxifies harmful residual chlorine and heavy metals contained in tap water and produces fish friendly water close to nature. Recommended at water changes.

be green 200ml

Most aquatic plants absorb nutrition from surface of leaves and grow beautifully. be Green replenishes potassium and trace elements that tend to be depleted more than other essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.

be relax 200ml

be Relax replenishes vitamins to an aquarium and provides slime coating to reduce stress on fish. We recommend using this product when fishes are newly introduced to an aquarium or they are stressed out due to environmental change.

be soft 200ml

be Soft adjusts the quality of alkaline tap water to slightly acidic, making it more suitable for tropical fish. The water quality becomes more suitable for growing aquatic plants since carbonic hardness (KH) also decreases as the water turns acidic