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The Maxspect Celestial is a new controllable LED spotlight with a set of attractive features. This 35-watt spotlight is fully controllable by an intuitive built-in controller. It makes for a perfect option for illuminating pico and nano aquariums up to a 14in cube. The Celestial Spotlight utilizes the latest LED multi-chip technology with its Cree EZ1000 core chip.

RGB Full Spectrum - C35-F

  • The Celestial C35-F Spotlight provides primary full spectrum illumination great for pico and nano reef aquariums. The Celestial C35-F LED mulit-chip is controllable across 4 separat...


Next Generation of Water Moving Technology

The Maxspect Gyre is the world's first 'Gyre-Generator'. Compared to traditional powerheads and wavemakers that are based on propeller nozzle flow technology, the Maxspect Riptide is based on advanced crossflow technology which produces massive horizontal water movement leaving little to no deadspots.

Why gyre generator and not a wavemaker?

Wavemakers excel in making waves, while waves are spectacular to watch in motion, they are in fact moving the majority of the water vertically up and down, with relatively low horizontal movement, especially near the bottom of the aquarium.


With inaccurate water testing plaguing the aquatic market, Thrive Aquatics realized the need for a new and innovative water testing and solution center that provides accurate, time efficient, and low cost water testing. Thrive Aquatics’ Research and Development Team searched inside and outside of the aquatic industry to integrate new technological ideals and found accurate water testing can be achieved through our colorimeter technology.

Designed for Brick and Mortar Retail shops, the Thrive WaterLab™ is able to test Freshwater, Saltwater, and Pond water. From Beginner to Advanced hobbyists, the user friendly nature of our interactive user interface, identifies,...

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